Viewing tabular report

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To view the reports, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud.
  2. Go to Reports > Select the category for which you want to view the report. The default chart report appears.
  3. To view the tabular report, click Tabular icon.
  4. The list of queries appears. Click the View link of the query that you want to view.
  5. The Report page opens. The Group and Period appears as per the query.
  6. To add filters, click Add Filters. The parameters in the Add Filters are Endpoint Name and User Name. Select or clear the filter that you want to add or remove.
  7. To generate the report on the selected parameters, click Generate. Click Save to save the selected parameters. The filter is changed after saving.
    After clicking Generate button, the report in the tabular format will be displayed. In addition, if you want to change the columns then you can do it by using Columns list.
    You can save the report in the csv format using the CSV button.

Downloading report

To download the tabular report in the CSV format, select the CSV option from Export as a list. The report will be downloaded immediately on the working machine.

Exporting report in PDF format

To export the tabular report in PDF format, select the PDF option from Export as a list. The Email containing a link to download the report will be sent to your registered Email address. The link is valid for 24 hours only.

You can download the reports in the CSV format for maximum of 15,000 records.
For records, more than 15,000, use option export as PDF.

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