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Welcome to the Help file of Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud!

Seqrite Cloud is an integrated solution that allows the management and regulation of multiple Endpoint Security products deployed at different geographical locations. IT administrators from any location can easily connect to the Cloud to view the latest security status, configure product policies, receive notifications and rectify critical network events from one single dashboard. It also facilitates policy configuration, backup and more on the Cloud for Seqrite products.

Available Flavors

Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud is available in the following flavors:
– Standard
– Advanced
– Premium
The following table lists the features that are available in the flavors:

Features Standard Advanced Premium
Email Protection
IDS/IPS Protection
3rd Party App Remover
Vulnerability Scan
Web Security
Advanced Device Control
Application Control
Asset Management
YouTube Access Controller
Google Access Controller
Data Loss Protection Add On Add On
File Sandbox Add On Add On

Data Loss Protection – Available as add-on pack with Advanced and Premium.
File Sandbox – Available as add-on pack with Advanced and Premium.

As per the flavor purchased, the features are available in the portal. In this guide, all the features are explained.

Supported Web Browsers

The following Web browsers are supported for Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud,

– Internet Explorer 10 and 11
– Microsoft Edge
– Google Chrome 60 and above
– Mozilla Firefox 55 and above
– Safari (Only Mac) 11, 12 and 13

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