Application Control

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This feature allows you to add a new application to the default list. Adding and unauthorizing an application or file that belongs to the operating system or other system specific aspects may cause system malfunction. Hence, it is advised to add an application that is not a part of operating system or other system related programs.
You can add an application as follows:

  1. Log on to the SEQRITE Endpoint Security.
  2. Go to Configurations > Application Control.
  3. To add an application, click the Add Application button.
  4. To add an application, select one of the following option:
    • Select Process Name and type process name.
    • Application Signature Maker – You can import application signature file. To create application signature file, do the following:
      1. To download Application Signature Maker, click Download.
      2. After downloading the Maker, add the application name to create the application signature.
      3. Click Save to File. The AppSignature.dat file is created.
      4. Click Browse and select the path of the AppSignature.dat file.
  5. In the Application Name text box, type an application name.
  6. In the Application Category list, select a category.
  7. Write a reason for adding a new application to the default list of applications. This helps SEQRITE to improve the quality of the software product.
  8. You can also submit the application metadata to the SEQRITE lab.
  9. Click Save. The application is added in the ‘User Added Applications’ subcategory under the selected application category.

Submit Application metadata to SEQRITE lab

With this option, you can send metadata of an application to the SEQRITE lab for including it in the application categories. Metadata includes information of application such as its Name, Version, Company Name, and MD5. You can also provide the reason for adding the application. This information will help us to improve the Application Control module.
Application Categories include thousands of applications based on their functionalities. If you block a category, all the applications in that category are blocked.
However, if you have unauthorized an application category but an application is not yet blocked, you can submit that application. SEQRITE analyzes the application and then enlists it in the category.

  • User may get application blocked prompt even while copying or renaming any unauthorized application.
  • Some unauthorized applications may start in case the application executable is updated due to software update. Such applications can be added to SEQRITE Endpoint Security and you are recommended to submit the Metadata to the SEQRITE lab.
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