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The User page displays the information of all the users in the table format. The table includes information such as User Name, User Role, Email, Mobile No., and Status.

You can customize the User table as per column names.

To select all the users from the table, select the check box in the header row.

To select an individual user, select the check box in that row.

You can search the user with the help of search criteria.

For the users of only SEQRITE EPS

If you have purchased only SEQRITE EPS, you have full access to this page.
You can add, delete, edit User from this page.

Here you can view the details of the user. Also you can create a user, and assign user role. You can rename, edit or delete the user. You can enable or disable the user.

User Session

The user session begins when the user logs on to Seqrite Endpoint Security and ends when the user logs off.
However, the session is timed out if the current session is inactive for 20 minutes.

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