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On this page, you can configure an interval for deleting older Activity Logs, Action History, Reports, Notifications, Alerts and News. You can set Client-Server communication interval time.
To do Admin Settings, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud.
  2. Go to Admin > General Settings tab.
  3. The following actions are displayed in the tabular format. Set the interval in days/Minutes for these actions. Set the switch to ON or OFF to apply the action.
    • Delete Activity Log older than 7 or 15 days
    • Delete Action History older than 7 or 15 days
    • Delete Notifications older than 7 or 15 days
    • Delete Alerts older than 7 or 15 days
    • Store Data-At-Rest scan reports for last 1, 2, 3 scans
    • Heartbeat interval of 2 to 120 minutes
    • By default, the heartbeat interval set is as follows,
      · 2 minutes for newly onboarded trial customers.
      · 5 minutes for commercial onboarded customers.
      · 15 minutes for existing onboarded customers.
      You can change the heartbeat interval as required.
      – For newly onboarded customers, if you change the default heartbeat interval then 2 Min and 5 Min options are not available to select. If you want to set the heartbeat interval again to 2 or 5 Min, contact Technical Support.
      – Existing onboarded customers can change the default setting to 15,30,45…. To change Heartbeat Interval to 2/5 minutes for trial customers and 5 minutes for a commercial customer, contact Technical Support.

    • Set missed heartbeat count to turn endpoint offline, 2 to 5. When you select the count, duration appears next to the count. This duration is calculated by multiplying Heartbeat interval time with set missed heartbeat count and adding buffer time. After this duration, endpoint will be offline.
    • Store Application Control scan reports for last 1, 2, 3 scans
    • HawkkHunt Feature – The Enable on all endpoints check box is selected by default. If you clear the check box, the HawkkHunt feature will be disabled. For more information about HawkkHunt, see Go to HawkkHunt.
    • Remove endpoint if inactive for 15 or 30 or 60 days. Selecting Never option will not remove the endpoint in spite inactive.
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