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HawkkHunt is a new Seqrite product, aimed at detecting and responding to active cyber threats in an organization’s network.

Seqrite HawkkHunt is available only in the English language.

Seqrite HawkkHunt enhances the power of Seqrite Endpoint Security by proactively monitoring the organization’s network for any signs of active cyber threats and helping mitigate advanced malware attacks before they cause major damage. Threat Hunting, which is at the core of HawkkHunt, gives users in-depth visibility into digital artefacts present on the endpoints. Additionally, HawkkHunt enables users to forensically examine the trail of attacks-in-progress and respond appropriately.
Seqrite HawkkHunt supports:

  • Threat Hunting
  • System and Custom Alerts
  • Detailed Alert Analysis
  • High Level Reports

You must purchase a commercial license for HawkkHunt to use it with Seqrite EPS. A trial version for a limited period is also available for you to try before you buy.

If you have purchased the commercial license for HawkkHunt, click Go to HawkkHunt link to access HawkkHunt console.

If you have not purchased a commercial licence for Seqrite HawkkHunt, when you click the Go to HawkkHunt link, you are navigated to the Demo request page of Seqrite HawkkHunt.
Here you can view information about Seqrite HawkkHunt and submit a demo request by filling the form.

Only the Super Admin and HawkkHunt User Roles have access to Go to HawkkHunt link.

For information about User Roles to access Seqrite HawkkHunt, see User Roles.
By default, HawkkHunt Feature is enabled on all the endpoints when purchased. For more information, see Settings.

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