Remote Installer

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This page helps you to download Remote Installer Utility, which allows you to remotely deploy Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud on all supported Windows and Mac endpoints.

Installing Seqrite Windows Client

To do remote Installation on multiple Windows endpoints, follow these steps:

  1. Download Remote Installer.
  2. Run Remote Installer.
  3. You can initiate remote installation in one of the following ways:
    • Add endpoints by selecting from the list
    • Add by IP Address
  4. Enter the IP Address.
  5. Click Add to add endpoints.
  6. In the Add User dialog, type the User Name and Password with Administrator privilege.
  7. Click Finish to add all selected endpoints to the installation list.
  8. Click Install to initiate installation.
    This feature allows you to deploy the client on all supported Windows operating systems at a time.

Installing Seqrite Mac client

To install Mac client remotely, please refer Remote Installation Guide

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