Temporary Device Access

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This feature allows you to permit temporary access to a device on the client for a specific period. If a user wants temporary access to a device on the client, the user can send a request to the Administrator to grant temporary access. The Administrator will generate OTP and will share with the user. The client uses this OTP to access the device for the specific period.
To enable Temporary Device Access, follow these steps:

  1. On the Status page, select the endpoints to sent the temporary device access request.
  2. The client action bar is enabled above the table. In the Client Actions list, select Temporary Device Access.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. On the Temporary Device Access dialog, in the Allow temporary access for list, select minutes.
  5. In the Use OTP within list, select minutes.
  6. Click Generate OTP. The OTP appears.
  7. Click Notify By Email and the email containing the OTP is automatically received by the client. Temporary access is allowed as per the settings effective from that minute. The action will be initiated on the client as per set polling interval.
    At the client side, after successful validation of the OTP, temporary device access is enabled for the specific period.
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