Endpoint Status

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You can keep a watch on the system information, hardware information, and software installed. You can also view the hardware changes, if any, that are made to the configuration of the systems in your network. You can also keep a tab on the list of the endpoints where the changes have actually been carried out.

To view status of an endpoint, click name of the endpoint for which you want to view the status. The Endpoint Status page appears displaying detailed status of the endpoint.

The System Details tab displays the system information in detail. OS Product key of the Windows OS appears.

> Note

The OS Product key is available only in the clients with Windows Vista and above operating systems.

The Hardware and Software details tab will be displayed only after Asset scan. For more information, see Asset Management.

The Hardware Details tab displays the hardware information in detail.

The Software details tab displays the details of software installed on the system.


The MS Office Product key is available only for MS Office 2010 and above.

The Product key of MS Office is not available in the clients with MAC operating system.

The license status of MS Office appears in the License column.

The following table mentions possible License status and their description in the tool-tip for MS Office.

License status Description
Unlicensed The product is not licensed.
Licensed The product is licensed.
OOBGrace The MS Office license is in the grace period.
OOTGrace The MS Office license requires reactivation.
NonGenuineGrace The MS Office license has failed online validation and is in the grace period.
ExtendedGrace The grace period of the MS Office license is extended.
Notification The MS Office license is either out of the grace period or failed validation.


  1. To export status in the CSV format, click CSV button. Export To CSV File dialog appears.
  2. Select one of the following,
    • Export data displayed on Status page only. If you select this option, .csv is downloaded.
    • Export comprehensive data of endpoints listed on Status Page. The data includes System details, Software and Hardware details and System User Details. If you select this option, Comprehensive Asset Reports zip file is downloaded.
  3. Click Export.
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