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This page helps you set rules for sending notifications for events such as when update Agent virus definition are older and virus outbreak.
You need to create a rule and a list of Email addresses to send the notifications.

Set rules to send notification

  1. Enable the option, Update Agent virus definition is older than 15 Days. You can change the number of days in the list.
  2. Enable the option, Virus Outbreak. The Virus Outbreak section expands.
  3. Select values for the following to send the notification when the values are attended:
    • Number of virus incidents exceeds
    • Number of affected endpoints
    • Time span (minutes)
  4. Enable the option, Synchronization with Active Directory failed.
  5. Enable the option, Endpoint disconnected from the network due to infection.
  6. Add Email Addresses for event notification. When the set rule condition is attended, a notification is sent to the Email addresses added here.
  7. Enter Email address in the text box and click Add.
  8. Click Save.
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