Client Installation

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On this page, you can verify the client installation path and set the automatic uninstallation of other antivirus software.

Client Installation Path

On this page, the client installation path appears. The client will be installed at this path.
You can modify the path if required.

Uninstall other Antivirus software

While installing the client, if another antivirus software is already present on your endpoint, client installation does not proceed further until you uninstall the other installed antivirus software to avoid conflicts.
If this option is selected, the client will uninstall other antivirus products after client agent installation. Seqrite client installation will fail if it’s not able to uninstall other antivirus. The failure notifications will be displayed on EPS Cloud Web Console Dashboard > Notifications.
Seqrite installation will not be completed until the other antivirus is uninstalled manually.

Before you begin,

  • Turn off the following settings for other antivirus (AV) present on the endpoints
    • Password protection
    • Self/Tamper protections
  • Turn Off Windows Defender of the server OS. For Windows Server 2019 and Server 2022, you need to uninstall Windows Defender.
  • Before mass deployment, test on one endpoint whether the Seqrite is able to uninstall other antivirus.

Please note,

  • Some antivirus products require a password while uninstallation. User need to provide password if prompted.
  • The other Avs where user interface is displayed while uninstallation.
    • if the user is logged off, the other AV will be uninstalled when the user logged in.
    • Uninstallation is supported for the users logged in with Admin privileges.
  • The other AVs with silent uninstall support, will be uninstalled seamlessly.
  • If the other AV uninstallation is interrupted (Example: password not provided, uninstallation user interface closed by user, etc.), uninstallation will be attempted in the next periodic interval.
  • If the other AVs do not have uninstall support or If Seqrite is not able to uninstall other AV, you need to uninstall the other AV manually.

Set the automatic uninstallation of other antivirus

On this page, you can set the automatic uninstallation of other antivirus software.

  1. To uninstall the currently existing other antivirus from the endpoints automatically, select the Uninstall other Antivirus if present check box.
    By default, the check box is not selected.
    As the option is not selected, if other antivirus is already installed, then the Seqrite client installation will fail.
    On a console, you will receive a notification.
  2. Click Apply.
  3. Download the client packager for EPS client installation.

If the client agent was already created when Uninstall other Antivirus if present check box is disabled, you will need to create it again by enabling Uninstall other Antivirus if present checkbox and reinstall client agent again with this client packager.

This feature is applicable only for the clients with Microsoft Windows operating system.

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