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With the rise of use of mobile devices, securing the confidential data has become crucial. Seqrite mSuite upholds a very strong feature of fencing for securing the confidential data. The Fencing feature acts as a virtual boundary.

Fencing allows you to create policies to allow or to restrict the user by applying the profiles or app configurations to the user device.

Seqrite mSuite defines the safe areas for the devices. The fence triggers and sends alerts when the device leaves the assigned boundaries. The virtual barrier allows you to know the user device entry or exit of defined boundaries. You can set up the triggers when the device meets the defined boundaries. The fencing technique uses geographical locations, Wi-Fi SSIDs, and time as boundaries.

After a secure fence is created, apply the restrictions on the device. The configurations must be applied on the device to limit the usage of the features on the device.

This chapter includes the following sections:

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