Release Notes

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What’s New

New features and enhancements in Seqrite mSuite 2.7.

Seqrite mSuite

Licensing and onboarding process:

  • Customers can create an account based on their business needs. For example, they can onboard the Company Owned Devices (COD), Personal Devices (BYOD), or a mix of both.
  • Customers can create an account with Device management capability or Workspace (Work Profile) or both.

Enrollment Flow:

  • Streamlined the Device Enrollment flow based on Enrollment type (Device Management or Workspace). Permission flow for enrollment has been customized according to the requirement such as whether it is for Workspace only and not the device management or both.

Licensing based on modularization:

  • Customers have options to choose the Seqrite EMM variant based on the business needs (Standard, Advance or Custom).
  • In Custom License, customers can choose license for one or more from below modules depending upon business needs.

    • App Management, Fence Management, Policy Management, Remote Management, Location Management, Data Management, Web Security Management, Advance Reporting, Threat Management.

Remote Device Connection for iOS Device:

  • Remote Device Connection helps you to connect to an iOS device remotely to view/mirror Device Screen remotely.

Customized re-branding or labeling:

  • Allows the Seqrite EMM admin to change the Company Name and logo on the Web Console portal.
  • Allows the Seqrite EMM admin to customize the Company Name, Logo, and Wallpaper on Mobile Device.

Egg. Optimization:

  • Allows the Admin to add multiple Apps in System Kiosk Mode in App Configuration.
  • Allows uploading custom Apps with earlier versions in App Repository.
  • Shows location on Map – Group name as a tooltip under Location.
  • Admin is allowed to enter IMEI on Device Overview page for the devices having Android 10 and later versions.
  • Approval Pending chart Widgets added to the Seqrite mSuite dashboard.
  • A new notification to send to Seqrite Admin 15 days in advance in case APNS certificate is to expire has been added.

Workspace App

  • Android Work Profile: A work profile can be set up on an Android device to separate work apps and data from personal apps and data. With a work profile, you can securely and privately use the same device for work and personal purposes. Your organization manages your work apps and data while your personal apps, data, and usage remain private.
  • Workspace App Management: It allows the Seqrite mSuite Admin to do the App management in Work Profile where Admin can push/publish Android App in Work Profile. Admin can push any Custom Enterprise App in the Work Profile.
  • Workspace Profile Restrictions: The Seqrite Admin can impose the following restrictions on the Apps installed on Work Profile.
  • Allow Screen Capture, Copy & Paste, App Control, App Installation and App un-installation

    • Dashboard: A new widget on dashboard to show Workspace App Non-Compliance Devices has been added.
    • Egg. Optimization:
  • Workspace Email Configuration: Option to configure Email (IMAP/POP) Settings separately in Setup Services.
  • Option to configure CARDAV from custom settings in Setup Services.


  • Seqrite mSuite/Workspace App is compatible with Android 12.
  • Comply the mSuite Agent with Over the Air Communication (to work with-in closed network).
  • Custom mSuite Builds distribution: Change in enrollment Request (Email & SMS) for distributing the custom build to users
  • EMM Policy /Configuration: Two options are provided to Save, Save & Publish for Policy and Configurations.

Known Issues of mSuite App

Following is the list of known issues in Seqrite mSuite 2.7.

  • Some of the devices (Xiaomi, Vivo, etc.) force stop/kill background running applications (mSuite). so applications may not work properly on these devices.
  • The enrollment process, Flash mRollment, will not work on the devices with Android OS version 10.
  • Seqrite mSuite client and launcher can be forcibly uninstalled from some of the devices (Xiaomi, VIVO, etc.).
  • If the Launcher is enabled on Samsung KNOX 8.0 devices, the device Home button will not work.
  • The iOS devices will receive commands only when they are active. If the device is locked or is in sleep mode, the commands will not reach to the iOS device.
  • Blocking of websites based on Web categories may not work on default Internet browser of some of the devices (For example: Xioami Redmi, Asus Zenfone, etc.).
  • We cannot prevent Hard factory reset from the device, not even in case of device owner.
  • Device Actions defined in fence configurations does not work for “Fence Out” trigger.

Known Issues for Workspace App

Following is the list of known issues in Seqrite Workspace app 2.7.

  • Work Profile cannot be created on lower versions of Android (Android 5 or below) devices and ADO-enabled devices.
  • User cannot use Android work profile on the device if Seqrite Launcher or System kiosk mode is Activated.
  • To upgrade Workspace App from version 2.6 to 2.7, first you must un-install the Workspace App 2.6 from the device and then enroll the version 2.7 on the device.
  • Every time Workspace App syncs up with server, Android System displays a prompt "You are using this app within work profile" to the user.
  • Apps within Workspace can be forcibly uninstalled from some of the devices (Xiaomi, VIVO, etc).
  • Email notification may not display on some of the devices (i.e., Mi, etc.) as these devices force stop/kill background running applications (Workspace).
  • Email notification on Android devices may not be real time.
  • Email notifications will not be displayed on iOS devices and sometimes emails on server may not synchronize with the emails on app.
  • Email folder structure on App may mismatch with the folder structure on email server.
  • In the iOS browser App, Session is not saved if the user comes out of the app and URLs get reloaded upon coming back to the browser app.
  • On Web View, if you select a text and search, it may redirect to the system browser on some of the devices.
  • Workspace Vault App supports limited office file formats on Android.
  • User can view/edit only these file types: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx however PDF and text files type are read-only.

    • Other file formats are not supported for viewing and editing.
    • Sometime replica of the inline attached images may be created in draft email and inline images may be loaded in draft email.
    • When the text is copied to clipboard, the copied text may show in Google/Swift/Custom Keyboard recommendation and user may use it to paste to another app even if Block Clipboard Policy is applied.
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