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Creating a device posture rule based on the attributes

To create a device posture check rule, follow these steps,

Note: ☛
The Device Posture Check Rule is applicable for Agent-Based applications only.

  1. Click Add Device Posture.
  2. The Add Rule pagestrong> appears. Enter a Device Posture (DP) Rule Name. Provide Description.
  3. Select Attributes and corresponding Attribute Lists from the drop down.
  4. Note: ☛
    If the multiple attributes configure the Device Posture Check Rule, then AND operation would be performed on all the selected attributes. Only for Windows Edition-Version, macOS Edition-Version and Linux Edition-Version attributes OR operation would be performed.
    For example, if for a Device Posture Check Rule, the selected attributes are as follows,

    • Windows OS Edition-Version
    • macOS Edition-Version
    • Linux OS Edition-Version
    • Antivirus Software (present on the device)
    • Hostnames

    Then while implementing the Device Posture Check Rule, the device should have

    • the antivirus software (present on the device), AND
    • the hostname should be as selected, AND
    • the device can have any of the OS Edition-Version out of three (Windows OS Edition-Version OR macOS Edition-Version OR Linux OS Edition-Version).
  5. You can provide Exception Device Name to which you do not want the DP Rule to be applied. The devices mentioned in the exception list will be excluded from rule evaluation, and no policy will be enforced.
  6. Click Add Rule.
  7. Once the DP Rule gets added successfully, the DP Rule Details Page appears. It displays the DP Rule details along with selected attributes.

Important: ☛
If a user cannot access applications post the Device Posture Check Rule implementation, the user needs to check the Devices > Action Logs tab. If the user’s device does not meet the criteria, HawkkProtect Agent will be disabled on that device. You can find out from the Action Logs tab.

You can enable or disable the DP Rule with the toggle option provided on the DP Rule Details page.

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