Introducing Seqrite ZTNA

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These days, enterprise IT departments have a wide network of systems, some applications are on premises, some are on the cloud. Some users are within the network in the same premises, some connected by VPN. Customers, partners, and employees now access corporate systems and applications using a wide array of devices, company owned, private, and sometimes public machines from locations across the globe.

Zero trust is a new security paradigm where an organization by default does not trust any employee with access to its systems whether from within or outside the corporate network. Each and every access attempt by each employee to a company system, network, and online resources is subject to authentication before access is granted. Zero trust is a mixed approach of using policies, processes and technologies to stop data breach where enterprises need to leverage enforcement based on users, locations, and other identifiers before granting access to corporate systems or applications.

Seqrite ZTNA Suite

Seqrite ZTNA is another product offering from Seqrite in continuation with its next generation of online products such as Seqrite HawkkEye, HawkkHunt, mSuite, and HawkkScan. Customers who have already availed of any one of our products can purchase Seqrite ZTNA.


Following prerequisites are required to set up your organization in Seqrite ZTNA.

  1. IdP Details for identity providers of the organization like the on-premise IdP such as Microsoft AD 2012, Microsoft AD 2016 and Cloud IDP such as Microsoft Azure AD used for user authentication. To get the IdP configuration related details please refer Identity Providers.
  2. Certificate Details of the organization’s domain such as Private key file, Certificate file, and passphrase (In case, the private key file is encrypted.)
  3. For App Connector, minimum one Linux/Windows system should be hosted on premises and available with a pre-installed docker. For more information on how to install the app connector, please refer App Connector Management.

Supported Browsers

The following web browsers are supported for accessing Seqrite ZTNA.

Operating System Supported Browsers
Windows Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.
Linux Google Chrome, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox.
MacOS Google Chrome.

Accessing Seqrite ZTNA

  1. Log on to the Seqrite HawkkEye portal using your credentials.
  2. In the left pane, navigate and click Go to Seqrite ZTNA. You will be navigated to the Seqrite ZTNA dashboard in same session in another browser window.

You can navigate back to HawkkEye portal by clicking Back to HawkkEye in the left pane.

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