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This page has the list of all the location/sites where the organizational applications/services are hosted or located.

Site management 1.1

On this page, the following details are displayed.

Column Name Description
Site Name Name of the site.
Site Status Current status of the site.
Last Updated On The date on which the site was last updated on.
Site Description Description of the site, if any.
Add Site To add a new site.

Actions available with sites

When you hover over each site name, the following options are displayed on extreme right.

Action Icon Action Label Description
Edit Edit To edit the site details.
Delete Delete To delete the site.
right arrow Side bar To view the details of the site.

If a site is deleted, all the related applications on Application Catalog page become inactive. To make these applications active again, edit the applications and update the domain name. This is applicable only for auto-generated certificates.

When you click any site, the following information is visible in the right pane.

Field Name Description
Site Name Name of the site.
Description Description of the site, if any.
Site Domain Name Site domain name.
Site ID The site ID.
Site Connection Status Current status of the site.
IdP IdP connected to the site.
Certificate Certificate name.
DNS Name The DNS name.

You can add the site details and verify the site domain as follows.

Adding a site

To add a new site, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Sites in the left navigation pane.
  2. Click Add Site.
  3. Add site details 1.1

  4. Enter the following site details.
    1. Enter the site name.
    2. Enter site description, if any.
    3. Select the appropriate certificate from the drop-down menu.
    4. Select the appropriate IdP from the drop-down menu. To get the IdP configuration related details please refer Identity Providers.
    5. The sub domain and the base domain will be auto-populated after you select the certificate.
    6. Click Deploy.
  5. The Site Deployment Live Logs pop up window appears as follows.

    Live Log Started

    On this screen the Administrator gets to know the progress of the site deployment through the live logs.

    Note: A successful site deployment may take from 5 to 15 minutes.

    Site Deployment Completed.

    The ‘Download Logs‘ option becomes available after a successful site deployment, allowing the administrator to download the logs from that location. In the event of a failed site deployment, the ‘Download Logs’ option also appears, enabling the administrator to download the logs and share them with technical support for further analysis.

  6. If verification is successful, the DNS Addition form dialog is enabled.

    The CNAME type record is required only in case of custom certificates and not in case of auto-generated certificates.

  7. In the DNS addition section, perform the following steps.

    DNS addition 1.1

    1. Copy the site domain name and site canonical name (CNAME)
    2. Add a CNAME type record in your DNS provider host.
    3. After the DNS is propagated globally, click Verify.
  8. After this is done, click Finish.
  9. The Site Management page appears.

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