User Management

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On this page, you can manage the users in the organization that have been added using the respective Identity providers.


Refer the Local User Authentication section if you have added local user IdP.

The following details for each user are displayed.

User management 1.1

Column Name Description
User Name Username as per the IdP details. You can sort the users alphabetically by clicking on this label.
First Name First name of the user.
Last Name Last name of the user.
Email ID Email ID of the user.
Dynamic Tags Dynamic tags assigned to the user.
Static Tags Static tags assigned to the user.
Add Filter To add a filter. To know more, refer the Adding a filter to refine the view section on Visibility page.

When you click any user, the above information is displayed in the right panel.

User details

Next to the static tags label, the pencil icon is available. By clicking this icon, you can add new static tags for a particular user.

Actions Available with Users

  • Bulk action: Select the checkboxes in front of the user names to add static tags for the selected users.

Local User Authentication

If an organization does not use any IdP, then the administrator can add users in Seqrite HawkkEye. These users appear on the User Management page.

Local user management 1.1

While adding users in Seqrite HawkkEye, if Admin, help desk user, or read-only role is selected, then that user can access both the administrator portal and user portal. Whereas, if user role is selected, then that user can access only the user portal.

For all these user roles added in Seqrite HawkkEye, the role assigned in Seqrite HawkkProtect is user.
An OTP is required through email everytime a user for logs in.

If a user is deleted from HawkkEye, it is archived in HawkkEye, but is deleted from HawkkProtect.

Actions Available with Users

You can perform the following actions on users added through Seqrite HawkkEye.

  • Enable: After a user signs up for HawkkProtect, administrator can enable the user using this option. The user can access the portal they are authorized to access.
  • Disable: To disable a user.
  • Add Tag: To add static tags for the user.
  • Send Invite: If a user added in HawkkEye appears in HawkkProtect for the first time, administrator can send that user an invite to register for HawkkProtect. The user will receive an email with a link to register and log in.
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