Data Loss Prevention

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In this section, you can see the count of DLP licenses purchased and DLP licenses utilized. You can enable or disable the DLP Pack for any endpoints.

The page displays the following information,

  • Total number of DLP licenses entitled (purchased)
  • Number of DLP licenses utilized

Enabling DLP feature

To enable the DLP feature, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Clients > Data Loss Prevention. A list is displayed with all the endpoints for which the DLP feature is enabled.
  3. Click Add.A window displaying all the groups appears. Each group includes the names of the endpoints belonging to that group.
  4. Under EPS Console, select a group.In the right pane, all the endpoints of a relevant group are displayed.
  5. Select an endpoint and then click OK.

The DLP feature is enabled for the selected endpoints.

You can also remove the endpoint, if you prefer.

Fields Description
Search Helps you search the endpoint by name.
CSV Helps you save the list in csv format.
Add Helps you add the endpoint to enable DLP for that endpoint.
Remove Helps you remove the endpoint.

If the EPS client is removed from the client list, it will be removed from the DLP availed list also.

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