Patch Scan

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The patch scan checks for the missing patches of the installed products and operating system on the client machine. After the check is complete, the result is generated.

To create a policy for patch scan, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console .
  2. Go to Settings > Schedule Settings > Patch Scan.
  3. Select the Enable Automatic Patch Scan check box and set the frequency and time for the scan.You may also select Notify if client is offline.
  4. Select minutes to run the Scheduled Scan only within specified minutes from the scheduled time. The option is selected by default.
  5. In the Patch Install Settings section, select the Automatic Install missing software patches with severity level equal to or more than: check box and then select the severity level from the list.
  6. Select the Allow auto-restart the system check box.
  7. To exclude endpoints from installing the patches, click the click here link. Exclusion for Patch Install dialog appears.
    • You can select the Exclude endpoints having Server OS in an EPS network check box if required.
    • Select the Exclude below endpoints check box.
    • Enter endpoint name or IP.
    • Click Add. The endpoint details appear. You can remove the endpoint. To remove, select the endpoint from the list and click Remove.
    • Click Apply.
  8. To save your setting, click Save Policy.
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