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When a work environment has a large number of systems installed, the challenge that the administrators usually face is how to update all the endpoints for security patches.

This feature allows you to create policies for taking the updates automatically for the endpoints. You can create policies that help different clients take the updates from different sources. Taking the updates from different sources reduce the load on a single server.

To create a policy for Update Settings, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.
  2. Go to Settings > Client Settings > Update Settings.
  3. To take the updates automatically, select Enable Automatic Update.
  4. To display notification window when the updates are taken, select the Show update notification window check box.
  5. Under Frequency, set the schedule when you want to take the updates.
    • Automatic
    • Custom
      If you select Custom, Daily Start time and Repeat after drop down lists are activated, you can set the schedule as per your requirement.
  6. Under Update Mode, when EPS is installed on private IP ( Private IP natted to Public IP), the following update settings can be configured:
    • For local clients
      • Download from Internet
      • Download from Endpoint Security Server
      • Download from Specified Update Servers
    • For remote clients
      • Download from Internet
      • Download from Specified Update Servers
        For creating different policies, you can select different options for Update Mode.
        If you select Download from Specified Update Servers, you should enter the update server locations in the list.
  7. To save your settings, click Save Policy.
  • If you select the option Download from Specified Update Servers, the Linux client will download the updates from the Endpoint Security server.
  • If ‘Update from Internet’ option is enabled (by right clicking on Virus Protection icon at system tray) on client, the client will try to take the updates first from the Endpoint Security Server. If the server is not reachable, the updates will be automatically taken from the Internet Center.
  • ‘Update from Internet’ feature is available only in the clients with Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.

Entering update server locations

If you select the Download from Specified Updates Servers option, you are advised to enter the update server location to take the updates. In case of large networks, you can also deploy multiple Update Managers. This helps load balancing as the endpoints can take the updates from different servers. If you have configured multiple Update Managers in your network, specify their URLs in this section. You can configure clients to take the updates from these locations in Client Settings.

To enter a server location, follow these steps:

  1. On Seqrite Endpoint Security Dashboard, click Home.
  2. On the Home page, click the Update Manager link, available next to the product name and version details.
  3. On the Update Manager screen, click Alternate Update Managers.
  4. In the Enter Update Manager URL text box, type a URL and then click Add.
    You can arrange the URLs according to your priority. The URLs added will be available in the update server location list in Update Settings.
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