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This feature helps you set to Email the reports in the following way:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.
  2. Go to Reports > Manage > Settings.
  3. On the Settings page, set the following:
    • In Automatically delete reports older than…days, you can edit the number of days when the reports should be deleted automatically. The number of days is set in the Installation wizard.
    • In Automatically email reports for past… days to following recipients, set the number of past days for which the reports are required.
    • In the Email Address text box, type the email addresses.
      If you type multiple email IDs, separate them by a comma.
  4. Under Email Frequency, set frequency and time when the reports should be sent.
  5. Under Select Reports to email, set the types of reports that you want to email.
  6. To save your settings, click Save.

If any module contains more than 1000 records, then only latest 1000 records will be emailed.

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