Viewing Update Manager Status

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Use this feature to view information of all types of updates downloaded by Update Manager. The console displays the Version, Service Pack, and the date of the associated Virus Database.

Additionally, the console also provides the following details:

Fields Description
Endpoint Name Displays the name of the endpoint where Update Manager is installed.
IP Address Displays the IP address of the endpoint where Update Manager is installed.
Status Provides the information about Update Manager, whether it is online or offline.
Update Manager URL Provides the Update Manager URL to download the updates. This URL can be used by the alternate Update Manager, client, and other EPS Update Manager.

The two buttons available under Update Manager Status are:

Buttons Description
Update Now Click this button to send a Notification from Seqrite Endpoint Security to the Update Manager to start downloading the updates. This process is in the background and will not be visible to the user. Click Back to go to the Status page.
Rollback Click this button to take the Update Manager back to the previous update state. Note: This feature will work only if Always take backup before downloading new update option is selected in the settings of the Update Manager. The steps for performing Rollback are as follows: · Click the Rollback button. A pop-up window opens. The Seqrite product updates that will be affected by the rollback are displayed. · To begin the Rollback process, click Rollback.
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