Creating the Mac Seqrite Client Installer

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To create the Mac Seqrite Client installer (.TAR file), follow these steps:

  1. On the Seqrite Endpoint Security server, go to Start > Programs > Seqrite EPS Console > Client Packager.
  2. In the Client Agent Package list, select Custom.
  3. In the OS Platform list, select Mac.
  4. Specify whether you want to include antivirus setup in Client Packager by selecting Yes or No from the Antivirus setup included list.
    • Select Yes if you want to include the antivirus setup in Client Packager. However, you cannot distribute this installer through email.
    • Select No if you do not want to include the antivirus setup in Client Packager. This installer can be distributed through email.
  5. A Default group is allocated to the Client Packager from the EPS Console groups list. The selected group gets assigned to the Client Packager and the installed client through that Client Packager will move to the selected group of EPS Console.
  6. Download the Mac Client build from one of the following URLs:
  7. To provide path of downloaded build, click Browse.
  8. Select folder in which the mclsetp.7z is downloaded. By default, the mclsetp.7z is downloaded in the Downloads folder. Click Ok.
  9. Click Create to generate a package using Client Packager.
    • If you selected Yes to include antivirus in the client packager, a MCCLAGAV.TAR file is created in the acmac folder.
    • If you selected No to create client packager without antivirus, a MCCLAGNT.TAR file is created in the acmac folder.
  10. On Mac endpoint you need to copy and extract any of the above created TAR file and Run the MCLAGNT.DMG file from the extracted folder to install Seqrite EPS Mac Client.

When the administrator downloads MCCLAGNT.TAR from the link provided in the email for ‘Notify Install’, the setup will be downloaded from the ACMAC folder of SEPS server.

For roaming endpoints with MAC OS, only Custom client packager can be used for installing EPS client.

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