Update Manager Settings

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The following are the features available under Update Manager Settings:

Features Description
Enable Automatic Updates Select this box to enable automatic update of Seqrite Endpoint Security. However, this feature is enabled by default. It is recommended that you do not disable this feature.
Always take backup before downloading new update Select this box to enable and take the backup of the existing updates before new updates are downloaded. These backups are used in case a rollback to previous update is required. However, this feature is enabled by default.
Delete report after Select this box to enable deletion of reports automatically after the time you specify. This feature is enabled by default and the default time is 10 days.
Download the Seqrite Endpoint Security Service Pack To take the updates for Seqrite Endpoint Security service pack, select Download Endpoint Security Service Pack check box. This feature is enabled by default.
Select the updates you want to download. A list of SEPS products appear. By default, all the products are selected. Verify which updates should be downloaded for your Endpoint security.
Restrict download speed (kbps) Select the Restrict download speed (kbps) check box if you want to restrict the update download speed. Enter the speed in the text box. You can enter speed limit in the range of 64 kbps to 8192 kbps.

To save you settings, click the Apply button.

Update Manager Schedule

This feature helps you define the update schedules for the Update Manager at a certain frequency.

To configure Update Manager Schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.
  2. On the Home page, click the Update Manager link available along with the product name and details.
  3. On the Update Manager page, click the Update Manager Settings tab.
  4. Click the Settings button available next to Enable automatic updates.The Update Manager Scheduler dialog appears.
  5. Select the Custom option and configure the following options:
    1. In Frequency, select either the Daily or Weekly option.If you select the Weekly option, select the weekday from the list.
    2. In Start At, set time in hours and minutes.
    3. If you want to repeat the update of the Update Manger, select the Repeat Update check box and set the frequency in days to repeat the update.
  6. Click Apply.
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