Data-At-Rest Scan

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Using Data-At-Rest Scan, you can scan and detect any confidential data present in your endpoints and removable devices. You can scan the desired location such as; drive, folder, or removable devices on the endpoints and detect the confidential or sensitive information present. You can view the information related to the detected confidential data such as; the file path, threat type, and matched text.

To perform Data-At-Rest scan, you must enable DLP on the endpoints. To enable DLP on the endpoints, see Enabling DLP feature.

Scan Settings

To enable Data-At-Rest Scan, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.
  2. Go to Clients > Client Action > Data-At-Rest Scan.
  3. Enter the endpoint name or IP address that you want to scan or select from the default list. You can also select an endpoint from a particular group. You may also select the required check box provided at the end of the page if you want to select an offline client or endpoint within a subgroup or both.
  4. Click the Scan Settings button and select one of the following:
    • Quick Scan: Select this option to scan the drive on which your operating system is installed.
    • Full System: Select this option to scan all the drives.
    • Scan Specific Folder(s): Select this option to scan a particular folder(s).
      1. Click Configure.
      2. Enter the path of the folder that you want to scan. You can also choose to scan the subfolders by selecting the Include Subfolder check box.
      3. Click Add. You can also remove a path from the list by clicking Remove.
      4. Click Apply.
  5. The Scan Priority is Normal by default. You can change the priority if required.
  6. From the File Types list, select the file format that you want to search for the data.
  7. Select either Confidential Data or User Defined Dictionaries or both for the type of data that you want to scan.
  8. Click Apply.

Clicking Cancel, closes the dialog box and clicking Default, clears all the selections.

  • Email Notifications are not supported for Data-At-Rest Scan feature.
  • Data-At-Rest Scan feature will be available only if DLP feature pack is enabled for that EPS server.

You can stop scanning by clicking Notify Stop Scan at any time you prefer.

Terms Definition
Show offline clients Helps you view the endpoints that are not online or are disconnected from the network.
Show endpoints within subgroup Helps display the endpoints that are in a subgroup.
Scan Settings Helps you customize the scan settings for Data-At-Rest Scan.
Notify Start Scan Helps you notify the clients to start scanning.
Notify Stop Scan Helps you notify the clients to stop scanning.
Refresh Updates the status of the sent notifications.
Scan All Helps you scan all the endpoints with a single click of the button.

You may exclude or include a path for scanning.

  • To exclude, enter the path in the text box and click Add.
  • To include, select the path in the text box and click Delete.
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