Firewall Exception Rules

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Operating systems such as Windows and Linux have their own Firewall bundled with them. If the user prefers to retain the firewall bundled with the operating system, then exceptions can be created with Seqrite Endpoint Security for such systems. These exception rules are created during installation of Seqrite Endpoint Security. For the computer on which Seqrite Endpoint Security is installed, the exceptions will be automatically created during installation. For the Seqrite client the exception will automatically be created during deployment of Seqrite clients.
The system with Seqrite Endpoint Security will require three exception rules: one for the server, one for its own client, and one for the Endpoint Security site configured on it.

The following are the exception rules for server:

  • Agent Server 7.6
  • Client Agent 7.6
  • Endpoint Security Site Port 7.6

The computer with the Seqrite client will require one exception rule to be created. The following is the exception rule for clients:

  • Client Agent 7.6

If the client system is a Linux-based system, the exception rule will be created in its Firewall as a port number.

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