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This feature helps you check the current status of your license information. To check the status of your license, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.
  2. On the Home page, click the View License link available along with the product name and details.
  3. On the License Manager page, click the Status tab.

The license information includes the following details:

Title Description
Company Name Displays the name of the company to which Seqrite Endpoint Security is registered.
Product Name Displays the product name. Example: Endpoint Security – Total.
Product Key Displays the Product Key of Seqrite Endpoint Security.
Product Type Displays the product type. Example: Regular.
Installation Number Displays the installation number.
License valid till Displays expiry date of the Seqrite Endpoint Security license.
Entitled Displays total number of EPS and DLP licenses purchased.
Assigned to Secondary servers Displays number of EPS and DLP licenses assigned to Secondary servers.
Unutilized by Secondary servers Displays number of EPS and DLP licenses of unutilized by Secondary servers
Utilized by this server Displays number of EPS and DLP licenses utilized by this server.
Remaining for this server Displays number of EPS and DLP licenses remaining for this server.

Update License Information

This feature is useful to synchronize your existing license information with Seqrite Activation Server. You can update your license information whenever required.

This is helpful in updating the following license information:

  • License expiry date: If you have renewed the license, but the expiry date is not updated or displays the old expiry date.
  • Number of SMS left: If you have purchased SMS bundle for notification, but the limit has not been refreshed.
  • Email ID: If there is any change in email IDs provided at the time of activation but has not reflected in the account.
  • Feature changes or edition changes are synchronized with activation server.

If you want to renew your existing license and you do not know how to renew it or are facing any problem during renewal, you can call the Seqrite Support team and provide your Product Key.

View license history

You can view the details of your license purchase history if you click the License History button. On the License History page, the product details are displayed. Also, the following information is displayed:

  • Date & Time: The time and date when the transaction was carried out.
  • Activity: The type of purchase, such as license activation, pack addition, license renewal, license addition, and reactivation of license.
  • Details: Relevant details of the transaction, such as type, number of licenses added, type of feature pack added or removed, and validity of the license purchased.
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